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As a child I used to watch my mother bake in the kitchen. I remember the smells and flavors, the songs that played in the background, the pans, and the textures.

I never tried to enter the kitchen, I just observed from afar. I smelled, watched, and enjoyed the flavors. Everything seemed so magical and I was afraid that if I entered the kitchen, I’d destroy the magic.

Over the years I moved with my family to the United States. After a week I realized that I missed my mom's food, pastries, Friday Challah breads, and the smells of her cakes in the oven.

I felt the calling to restore everything I had seen as a child so that my children would taste and experience the same tastes I grew up on.

I began to recreate the tastes and movements of the hands. I imagined the smells of the spices, tried, experimented, and allowed people to taste, feel, smell, and express their opinions.

During my experiments I discovered that eating makes people laugh, cry, and remember moments of magic.

We all deserve to return to our magical moments and if we don't have them, we deserve to create them. We all deserve a comforting embrace filled with love.

The Moments Bakery represents exactly these moments of magic for me. These magical moments are the reason why I bake all my pastries with great love. These are the moments when I see the smiles or the tears and say ‘thank you’.

I would love to continue to embrace you through my pastries and produce happy moments for you.

Yours Truly,

Reut Levy